September 1, 2009

I Had A Feeling This Would Happen Guys

And I'm not heartbroken or anything of the sort. But, but, Ricky Rubio and his crew have forced my hand and I've been forced to ban him from pending further developments. It looks like I'll be reassessing his status in about two years. Moving on...

Familia has Redwave Redux coverage right here. Is it true that the real one has been completely removed? Now what are bus passengers going to sit on while they wait? Oh well.

Tha Dolo has another must read at Hardflip, and in a surprising twist, he still manages to get a dig in there about his hatred for ILDers. Good job Ryan.

I'm officially over Lil' Wayne for now.

Been to Danknuggzz lately? I'm pretty sure they'd label Ricky Rubio a narc.

This one slipped under the radar a little bit; Davis in Minne from the Etnies blog. That was like two weeks ago or something? Tyte. More 2VEGANS coverage...I almost slammed because I saw that smart car a second time and the chain came off my bike because I was trying to just fuckin' dip to the car and get a closer look. Right?

Us 'boarders should know this one.

We're still down with Wiskate in case you'd forgotten, they even have some new videos up, like the latest installment of Whale's Vagina. Just gonna link this too.

Finally, in a nod to State Fair ambivalence: Real Talk from MPR, well worth the listen.

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