September 24, 2009

Ankle Riot

Old men unite! I've been puzzling about the past few days wondering about my pointlessly achy joints and as I brewed a pot of coffee today the cool humid weather came into focus and for the 80th time, I had to come to grips with joint pain as the weather changes. Awesome.

Once again stealing content from The Hesh, this time they've directed us toward a proper part from friend of tha' Plat and former dude with 'tude Spencer Prati. I've met that kid Andy Mack too, he's from Iowa.

So why am I even talking about reading a 20,000 plus word profile on Glenn Beck on this pseudo-skate site? Because I read it, its worth a read, you can't escape the guy in the media right now, and focus on the word pseudo in the previous sentence. Normally it would be a foregone conclusion that Beck is banned from this website (maybe he already is?), but having read about the guy, I don't feel sympathy for him, I just understand that he's an actor, an entertainer, a guy trying to make some money; too bad his messages are so shitty, and he's really doing nothing for intelligent debate.

As alluded to in the comments, Viking tracked down; a few may remember Mr. Knell as the guy that shot the TWS Minneapolis article in the sweltering summer of 2001 (someone needs to scan that article, I may have it). Along with plenty of other interesting stuff on the site, here's some classic Neal.

Let's say happy weekend on Thursday this week.

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