September 22, 2009


By Todd Bratrud

Internet/real world luminary and Dada-ist dope aficionado, Mr. Todd Bratrud, has a cool gallery of work right here, which is accompanied by a spot on introduction by his studio mate.

Davis, again, this time Euro-jet setting with reality TV stars; its a good video well worth a watch. Assist via The Hesh.

Just a few days ago I was thinking about Kalis' part in Timecode and how sick it was that he'd been on AWS, well, forever. In hindsight, I thought too soon. Further "commentary" here.

Hardflip serves up Poached and I suppose it is apropos to lift copy from the Weekend Warriors bonus disc in this instance. On the same website and in a well written post, Thatcher saves face by not revealing his; how does the just linked post play out against the links at the top of this post? Hmmm.

I could have sworn Neal skated the bike rack off the stairs at NSP; no worries, Dylan takes it to the rack on the Familia blog.

More clues on Backyard Ramp Jam.

Disgruntled writers should never use "LOL," especially when trying to make a point through editing. JS.

Finally, the new Wiskate video should make your day; the M.M. dumpster jam takes the cake.


DMB said...

Shot a pic with Brayden but no footy.

ps. I googled Brayden to check spelling and came up with this...

Halfpipe of Odin said...

RampJam Slaughter! Whos gonna Make Most Drunk This Year?! You got a week to practice slamming!