November 17, 2009

All Of It

While the basketball gods continue to beat upon our lowly 1-10 Timberwolves, the hoops deities smiled upon me; I stumbled upon the origin of the photo above, Thank You, Kurt Rambis, and my day got a little brighter. Nerd out!

While getting my geek on in Rambis-land, I then stumbled upon UPNORTHTRIPS, a website which, simply by alluding to the Mobb Deep song of the same name, immediately made it into my bookmarks toolbar. There's some cool content on there to boot.

Familia made it onto the Berra approved skateshop list. Cynicism aside [though I still hate the tagline, "We Don't Report The News, We Are The News," (a fulfilled claim via this link to them)], Berra's speech is well done, and if you've got a bit of time to watch it, why not? The Hesh has an opinion on this as well.

The following link has been making the rounds lately, but is still worth posting; Doc Ellis and the LSD No-No is an animated short about Doc Ellis' acid fueled no hitter from 1970. Since mind-altering substances and skateboarding have had a happy marriage since, hell, maybe around 1970, let's just say this works.

More websites you ought to know about, both by jerboi and internet guru T.H.L.A.T. (more or less): Times Is Weird These Days and Werd Life, Todd Edition.

Its SOTY time, I say Busenitz, who say you?

Cue your, "I my god, if that's throwaway, I can't wait to see the video," comments, view below:

He brought sexy (bigspins) back, but I hear skateboarding just doesn't hold the spark for the guy like it used to. Devine Calloway clips via Crailtap. Also stop through there and enter their laziest contest ever, but don't get their dudes confused with Steve.

Happy Birthday Cutty!


Scott said...

Yo Munz, did you buy Bill Simmons book 'The Book of Basketball'? I've been tempted.

platinumseagulls said...

The guys on the sports podcast pretty much gave it a "whatever" rating, and I'm not a Simmons reader in general, so if anything, the thought of buying it was a fleeting one. HOWEVER, if any platinum readers want to buy me that for X-mas, I'm more than down.

Anonymous said...

funny. Isn't that McHale with the clothes line!? Still haven't watched a full game since KG left.

Anonymous said...

So, Familia now pays for the fake spots Berra films his parts on? Shit, Berra could ask me to move a flat bar or fire hydrant around and i'll charge him $5000.