April 12, 2010

The Kids Are All Right

As debate rages in the comments here once again over the state of the Twincites skate scene, people need to remember that some dude double flipped over the hood of a car in Phoenix. Kind of makes all your worries melt away, don't it?

Mr. Stone's Opus, via Flowtrash.

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todd brown said...

Dear the plat, my scene totally sucks! When ever me and my bro's are out thrashing the pigs totally bust us! Last night egged one their cars and then put a skate and destroy sticker on the bumper. Take that pigs!
The other part of my scene that totally sucks is all the jocks at school. This one jock took my buddies board mid hoho and through it in the street. Jocks suck! Do you think i should try to get sponsored? I can ollie over 3 decks. thanks for your time. Skate or Die!!!!!!!
This the level of intellect the stupid scene argument has.