April 6, 2010

Jocks Vs. Chillers

Lifted straight from Flowtrash, but better, since Fulton hasn't figured out how to embed video on Wordpress yet, comes some more left-overs from new Los Angelino David Jaimes.

In other re-location news, a buck short and a day late no less, everyone's favorite video dude, editor, tequila and skateboard slanger, Dennis Burdick, has re-re-located back to the Twincities, having grown weary of the rep life in the not always greener Orange County.

For those that follow this humble skateboard site on the Twitter (read: just about no one) you already know that the The Jocks vs. Chillers trip to Milwaukee was pretty good. Footage may yet show up on the internets, and it should be known that Tabari made the chillers look good. Hey Pizzy, too bad about Bogut's dislocated elbow.

I never linked to Familia's Wu Tang board, shirt and toothbrush, in this instance, giving props to Bratrud's photoshop skills.

Edit: Found a quote reading a blog post about Scrabble controversy that seems to ring true about skateboarding too:, "That's the problem with brilliant inventions: A lame knockoff looks like a lame knockoff."

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