January 13, 2011


Gorf Life 4 - Gorf off a Bluff!! from Josh Ellis on Vimeo.

New Gorf.

Speaking of, and its been noted elsewhere, the links at Gorflife totally crush it. This one inspired me.

I was a teenage two-spacer until Meyer and McGuire set me straight.

I've had interviews go similarly awry, though it never occurred to me that I should have just said "fuck it" and sent The Mag a drawing of James Brockman super-manning on top of the Zero van across Ohio.

"I felt like I was in couples' counseling." Shit's gonna get real on Monday (I'm obsessed)!

I wondered what had happened to Josh Swindell (life in prison), and along the way stumbled upon this almost 17 year old newspaper article that pretty well explains the vertical integration of the skateboard industry. If you were in the dark, there's the light switch. Related, Dan's World was one of the first skate-sites I ever saw on the internets.

McGuire's in Puerto Rico, killing the blog game.

Davis passes the tre flip challenge ON THE BERRICS.

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