January 19, 2011

Brain Quake

Minneapolis was once again a destination for KOTR. The crash-up at The Hiawatha sounded way more epic than it looked, though Thrasher still claims Wizard cast a curse. By the way, get better Wiz!

Jerboi Tim Olson is taking the term "man am" to new heights. Here's to a belated career!

Jackal has a new offer:

Quartersnacks waxes poetically about camo pants. I had a pair that were reliably Army surplus--my dad's--that in latter days were cut off into camo shorts, and eventually got lost to history.

A camo aside: I always thought that Gino was wearing a desert camo shirt during his first line in Trilogy, and I searched for a similar shirt for years. However, upon watching the DVD reissue like, last week (close viewing of the Youtube clip which must have been ripped from a DVD as well), I realized that a conspiracy of washed out Hi8 footage transferred to VHS was lying the whole time. It's a jungle camo shirt, not desert. His khakis should have given it away, but how sick of an outfit is a desert camo T with khakis?

Chances that Davis is working on some e-foote that'll come out concurrently with the Real video? I say high.

Nesser is making me jealous.


COAS said...

Neal Shipe definitely owns a desert camo shirt

Anonymous said...

If people can vote for pat and jack time Huey shud be up there!!!!

Sandbox said...