June 8, 2010

Circle of Trust

Blame moving and some socially active weekends on a general drought of skating in the past two weeks and a little bit of lazy Platinum upkeep. Now its raining, but Mark Suciu above keeps indoor options alive and kicking/ripping.

Other indoor specific options are illustrated by Familia Skatepark Dot Com, an online index of the "5's" that are going so well so far, and a repository for Daewon-like bench ensembles by the B-Show. Where's the DBong 5's?

Henkler was gunning for some huge welcome back to the internet for the currently undead The Hesh, so check them out. I just don't expect much, yet. You guys gotta re-earn that love.

Jared Huss is pretty bonkers.

This is an interesting Ira Glass interview via Slate. A huge chunk of skateboarding is about righting wrongs, so its apropos.

While Maloof Money Cup has been approved by everyone from TSM to Thrasher, presumably because they've backed their shit up with serious cash, and the whole "leaving the skatepark there for the masses to skate it" thing, I have a couple of questions. For one, assuming that Tech Deck won't be going anywhere as a heavy sponsor, could we maybe get some re-branding and re-logoing (sic) for next year? Shit was painful to stare at. Also, what's with the beyond haphazard live coverage? Someone in the control room has some 'splaining to do. Beyond that, cool, and its been greatly entertaining to read commenter's opinions on the outcome and coverage. What with normal skaters calling for conspiracy theories at the judging table and whatnot, dudes are starting to sound like your average sports fans, ala just about every comment I read regarding The NBA Finals.

As for the Finals, let's hope that Paul Pierce's comment of "We ain't coming back to LA" holds up much better than his, "Someone gotta broom?" comment (now no longer on Twitter), because there's definitely two ways they could avoid that return trip.


Scott said...

Would you say on average basketball fans are by far the worst when it comes to insane outrage and ridiculous conspiracy theories when it comes to refs ruining/throwing/controlling games?

To be fair the NBA has a lot of blood on its hands, but still, they seem to be the worst.

platinumseagulls said...

Yes, yes, and yes. Its also amazing how they pull sports writers into it too. For sport, I go to Truehoop just to see the shit-show in the comments. Lakers fans and Celtics fans will simultaneously call a writer out for perceived bias one way or another, all in the same article.

Many basketball fans could be called the tin-hat wearers of the sports world.

platinumseagulls said...

*Present company not really included in that last bit.

THE HESH said...

Thanks for the shout.