October 20, 2012

Internet Saturdays

So it's like, fakie nosegrind switch pop-shuvit. Do you say "the hard way?" Don't know. TJ Moran comes hard and heavy in two minutes. In some "Trash" section from a late-90's Thrasher, some connection between Mike Carroll and fakie bigspins being called "my dick" was established. Take that as-you-will as an addendum to that ender, in no way denigration.

Elsewise, (I actually heard that word used by a waitress at a diner in North Dakota in 2007), check out the Home Grown dudes in Kansas City. Let us know who wore the song best.


Wylie Tueting said...

Definitely the Supernatural edit -- the hard beats and rising rhythms are so well matched to certain tricks.

Anonymous said...

A lot of red heads in this post.