April 20, 2011

Feels like: November

Cody Banks, aka Cody Davis, drops a part on 4/20. Cuz he likes weed bro. Weed. Mike Davis summed up my thoughts on today already.

Back to Cody, who has an interview with ESPN right here, good job. Tasty manuals. No dreadlocks. Proper ender. Growing up. One thing that stuck out in my mind, and this is no fault of Cody's, is that, after a week of pretty much just watching Busenitz in Since Day One, nobody else is skateboarding like him. Busenitz, and this is meant literally, is on another level. What he does with a skateboard isn't what you or I do with a skateboard. I think as time goes on that part will be more and more appreciated.

If you attend the University of Minnesota or lurk the campus, you know that longboarders are out in greater concentrations than ever before. I've almost been taken out twice by some fools, while riding my bike (one dude was learning how to push, in the bike lane, going the wrong way, slammed as I rode by. jerks). Quartersnacks has a good write up about the possible negative effects of increased longboardership. Update: QS post taken down. Explanation here.

I was super psyched on this.

Nordness rules.

Non-skate of the day: Troy Patterson (insane genius) pisses off the fantasy crowd, then comes back and does the exact same thing.


Scott said...

The worst is if they're wearing flip flops.

Todd Brown said...

If it were only possible to focus a long board! I would pull over every time i saw one and snap it in two. I have more respect for rollerblading way more and i hate rollerblading.

Anonymous said...

never thought i'd say this about someone with such a deep bag of tricks (waaaay deeper than mine), but that cody davis part was incredibly boring and unoriginal. maybe if he filmed it all on shitty mpls spots it'd be better.

THE HESH said...

wow, really?
I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by that Cody part-and I'm quick to judge. That crook pop out on the corner rail by the water? WOW.
I'm psyched to see he's skating NOT partying.

THE HESH said...

psyched longboarding came up on a 4/20 post; how fitting.
All the hockey jock-dave mathews bros from high school that hated on your skate everyday are now "power pushing" around campus on their $300 longboards, but I'll still risk a ticket if I decide to go skate the marbles. Great.

MikeLovePotna said...

1. Cody Davis is the charlie sheen of Minnesota. Hot broad taking care of him everywhere hes goes (so what if it's his mom)... Blonde dreads, cause fuck you, I'm from the suburbs bitch. And basically winning always with people constantly talking about him and not caring.
2. Justin Brock's part killed just as hard as Busenitz's. He definitely rips the same don't give a fuck style.
3. 420 Maybe the worst day ever, but that's why we get high. Fuck the world. http://youtu.be/0Vemm9YWqgk
Smile a little, PMA all day.
4. Probelm Solved - Longboarders and fantasy folks combining for downhill longboard jousting to the death will solve all of our problems... LOA x 4Loko x Dungeons and Dragons x WOW x Sector 9 present:
" Downhill Boner Jabz "
(Kill Yourself - For a Good Cause)
Who's else is sponsoring the event? I got 5 on it.

Anonymous said...

hesh, i rewatched his part, don't feel much different, but that crooks you mention is fucked. how you keep your brain from pitching you over at that angle is a mindfuck.

Anonymous said...

...gonna stick with GameOfThrones for a little while I guess. First episodes of this type of series are always boring...

Anonymous said...

not a fan of the lazy tre flip or the cool guy beiber hair,hat lame landing trick steeze.

THE HESH said...

If it ain't cellar doors it ain't cool, right? Come on. Hating was sooooooooo 2010.