April 27, 2011


Two weeks late! Quickie by Flowdoggle's Philmer Phil. Ed is looking good.

As this site does from time to time, we've got some birth announcements. Congrat's to Luke Hunt and Rob Sissi on their second and third kids, respectively, and new dad Andy Paulsen. Other soon to be family men include Adam Bovee and Johnny Vang.

Top Shop is this weekend, which might come as a surprise to people like me, who are totally out of the loop. Also, it appears The Lair's design internship has been filled by, evidently, a fourth grader. They just get younger and younger.

Badger correctly points out that the Lizard's Wild Kingdom site is a blatant rip off of the work he did on Biebel's World. How about this:

A seriously unserious language that brings clearheaded truth to the unnecessary confusions of planet earth today. You can finally relax knowing that the worries and stresses of not knowing what to say can be as easy as using this app to get your message across. It's amazingly amazing how much sense it makes to have Lizard do the talking for you. Buck up G code steez and speak the unspeakable language of The Lizard King.
There's even a no homo button. Ugh.

BTO calls meta-corpo-conspiracy on Dill skating with a tucked in t-shirt, whereas I just thought the clip of him blasting over those hydrants was the best he's looked on board in a while. How 'bout that tail scraper?

Update: In order to turn snark into constructive criticism, I'm sure that a design intern on MCAD summer break could be found for pennies on the dollar, if not free. Further snark omitted.


sprntrl said...

Aplus is already months into fatherhood.....

platinumseagulls said...

I knew that, I swear. Changed, and thanks.