May 31, 2011

The Bulge

The above is pretty self-explanatory. It's on Saturday.

T'was a big weekend for the #FAMILIABOYS, and while my zorch meter was almost maxed, it was a good one. There was a typically rowdy and awesome party Friday night at the chronically understaffed Red Stag (when will they figure out that skateboarders and other such folk can out drink your normal supper club party goers?), which culminated with a trip to the now legendary Solsbury Hill.

Saturday night was art night, and of course the beer ran out way earlier than it was supposed to.

For those that made it to Soundset, you know Josh Folley killz, mid-drifts on chicks are back whether or not they should be worn by the wearee and live hip hip isn't quite as cool as you remember it. Maybe I'm speaking for myself on that last one. A full write up with colorful pictures and the like will be appearing in a future TSM.

For those wondering about his year's Trueheads, they are Pete Harvieux, Wayne Zerr, Mark Leski, Benji Meyer, and Adam Bovee.

Cool Tricks 2 is cool, especially at the end.

The Onion calls out the Birdman.

Skating in Burma. Hat tip on that link to my former journalism prof who's been retweeting skate related stuff all day.

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Anonymous said...

that skating in burma thing was pretty cool