July 7, 2010

Brain Out!

We got a demo! Hopefully shit isn't rained out; TF is gone.

And then there's this:

"He has aspirations of one day opening a nightclub, and currently owns and operates Familia Skateshop. He is an avid traveler,and has traveled several times to Lebanon, where he has ancestral ties. He is bilingual, and can speak Spanish."-Nesser's Wikipedia Page

How'd they find out plans for the 80's nightclub? Meyer?

I loved this. Hey Henkler, can I get some shine?



Anonymous said...

What do you mean by TF is gone??

platinumseagulls said...

The Familia TF is gone so if the demo is rained out, there's no strictly shop plan b like there was when Elwood was in town. Official word is that it ended because another renter came along who would pay more money for the spot, and, well, to quote my "source", "we ain't rich,
and parks don't rent/make/maintain themselves."

Anonymous said...

Bummer that did not last long... times are tough, as evidenced by the constant steel pilaging at the Badlands!