July 22, 2010

4 Are Better Than 2

This one's a roll of the dice. The right dudes show up, and shit is potentially mind blowing. A different group of dudes show up, snoozer. Fingers crossed.

Thrasher has been showing some love for Minne this week; first linking up to the Winter section of Feelin' Minnesota and now today, giving Meyer's Ghost Ride vid some shine. Assist on the second link from Jaimes, tweeting from the Northwestern Precinct, St Paul.

Sneaker heads be aware, Bratrud is raffling off some of his kicks to support something very near and dear to him, boobs.

A-List! Did I already post that?

That's probably it for the week. Happy Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Expect 10-15 guys including their top pros at this demo. Shit will be heavy from what I'm told!

THE HESH said...

The tm said every single person on the flyer will be there. Its gonna be a barn burner

Anonymous said...

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