July 29, 2010

Jerry Orbach Approved

Not that long ago, one of St. Paul's favorite chefs and skaters, Jeremy Reeves, ended up on Think after some reshuffling at Street Corner Dist. Above he's mixing it up as a thinker; that smith grind 360 flip was surprisingly cool.

Wheelbite has setup a fund to finish the ramp that Chris Thatcher was building (Facebook link). They're trying to raise $600.00, cruise on over and have a look.

Here's your non-skate video of the week. Watch your back.

Kudos to the skaters of Bemidji and St. Cloud; SC is breaking ground on a skate plaze today, almost while I type this. Bemidji broke ground on Monday. St. Cloud is just a half an hour further away from Minneapolis than Oakdale, this could be cool.

Not sure if cha'll have been keeping up with ESPN's Real Street deal for the X-Games. Its been cool but not worth linking to until now; Zered really should win as far as I can tell, and the switch heel manual at Law and Order the Courthouse is killer.

Oh yeah, git buck!

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RIP stinson bump