May 6, 2009

The Cool Club

Three minutes after I lost my phone and keys.

Cinema and Foreign Policy.

They couldn't get Jeron to skate the hubba.

Note to self and you: Watch This.

Pat Cook: He preaches properly; he loves iced coffee.

Preemptive War to Preemptive Outrage.

Top Shop Coverage.

The Hesh is updating.

Speaking of, The Hesh at Top Shop. Yeah Fink!

"Fuck The World" google image search.


Extreme Ash said...

wow. that's a post title to be proud of.

pc said...

thanks for the press but i think i would be more happy with a locs section. i know im not from the greater minne area but lets get serious here...isnt chicago close enough? -pat

pc said...

i didnt mean to sound bitter there... i love the press i promise.

Unknown said...

that one's my favorite.

Unknown said...

Pat, I'm thinking about a "Holmes From Different Zones" type thing. I'll hit you up when I formulate some questions.

pc said...

thats sounds amazing