March 23, 2009

Circular Thinking

Gave up on skateboarding for a living forever what, ten years ago? Further proof that I made the right decision: This web foote of Dan Murphy. The skating is no doubt amazing, but man, it looked like WORK, and then look, it ends up on the interweb. I'd be crying onto the keyboard if I filmed that stuff and it ended up on the web.

Killer Boots with some remembrance of things such passed, as he puts it, the good old days. Sit through the old AWS/Habitat commercials and A, notice how sick they were, and B, remember that some of what made 411 so good back in the day, was the ads. I suppose that some of what would be in a 411 ad has just become web fodder, re: above, but it's far and few between that one finds a web vid with the same level of production.

Digging Mike Burnett on the Crail Couch, mostly for the bit about the horrors of cold calling.

Characteristically, Nesser almost avoids a speaking role on Skate or Dice.

Tha Surf with CJ foote from Barcelona. I'm trying to imagine CJ chilling in Europe, and words cannot describe how _________ it must be. The words just aren't there yo; trust one on that sw varial flip, that stack looks way more gigantic than I ever thought it was.

Ran into Hessian Joe at that warehouse jam this past Friday, and man, he pointed out some burliness from that BUBD slam photo of him from last year: peep the clumps of pulled out hair on his shoulder, and try not to shudder.

Back from the dead with a shaved head, and a wholly blunted sigh of relief.

Sometimes writing stuff about skateboarding seems a little superficial and or not all that important, but then again, I've never been assigned 2000 or so words about how people hate Facebook's new layout, and better yet, how they're going to end up liking it. The life re-affirmed.


Scott said...
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Anonymous said...

Bike rideing? Rob Sissi,Dan Jackson and myself don't ride fixed gears do the knowledge. If you really need to get from a to b buy bigger wheel's.

platinumseagulls said...

Turk, there were no stipulations as to what type of bike you ride for "bike riding." I mean, you yourself should know, it's nice to get out on a two wheeled whip from time to time. And, by the way, your bmxer has way smaller wheels than even a 36-speed road bike.

Anonymous said...

You leave the murder boy out of this. I'm just joken bra.

Anonymous said...

Man, I saw that CJ guy skating Macba when I was in Barca at the start of the month and he's unreal, he did another line there with a nollie 360 inward heel on the flat, a trick I've never even seen anyone do before. Did it every time too. Pretty stoked I happened upon this footage, cos otherwise I never would've known who he was! Thanks!

MikeLovePotna said...

Spittin' In Spain!