March 20, 2009

140 Characters Or Less

Last weekend in Milwaukee someone gave me shit Saturday, noting that I hadn't posted anything on Plat about our first night in town. I responded that blogging was so 2007, and that I'd exclusively be twittering or tweeting or whatever the hell you call it, about the trip. Then I had to explain what Twitter was. Then I explained that I thought the whole thing was ridiculous (I'm also really tired of hearing about it on On The Media, but the search link I'm trying to put in won't work; search it if you want for proof). Then I lamented that my twitter joke made sense to almost no one. Then we skated. Twitter just seems like one more exhibitionist online entrapment, yet another way to give up another shred of privacy. Not so says a good portion of the skateboard world. Notable "skate tweeters."

Kevin Wilkins
Kevin Imamura
Jim Theibaud
Rob Brink
Active Erica
Mike Stanfield
Etnies shoes
Greg Lutzka
The Skateboard Mag
Salman Agah
Nick Tershay
Tony Hawk
Shad Lambert

I was clued in by this post at The Mag; in an apples to oranges type deal, Bryce Kanights at Skate Daily has gone ahead and labeled Twitter the new fixed gear. Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

dont mention nick tershay, the last thing i want is kids all over wearing diamond and playing it out like they do with just about every good thing

Anonymous said...

fuck twitter.

Anonymous said...

oops - that was/is ash...not weeze.

but I bet she thinks the same.

too lazy to log out.