March 17, 2009


Fakie backside five-o huh? DAVIS PREACHES THAT REAL TALK OVER AT THE BERRICS. There's speculation that the kid is running some cheat codes, and that might be on point. They're repping Weekend Warriors too. Cool.

"Going back even further, medieval Arabic literature is a font of motherfucking, mostly in the form of ritualized insult-dueling."

Oh hey, here's a random friends section I was hyped on: "You can't kill me I was born dead." Love that line...

Went to Milwaukee and filmed some digi-cam of Jaimes...Blogger Video!!!

Warm ups!

What other type of shit happened lately? Saw an urban hawk take out a pigeon, continue to eat it, and rip its head off. Got a ticket for failing to use my turn signal. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Got buck.