March 31, 2009

Ivory Tower Eggheads

Over the past couple of weeks or more even, it seems that Seekins Kinda Rules Everything Around Me (S.K.R.E.A.M.?), as I can't go out without seeing dude, as both Ryan and I have decided. Read up on the dude here.

By now I was sure that Sissi would have switched his homepage to The Chrome Ball Incident, but instead, he kept the faith with a timely comment to prod me into updating again. All is fair, but this time, I've got an excuse, the influenza virus, aka the great gastronomical catastrophe of 2009. But all is well now, more or less; I stopped dry heaving early Sunday morning, no fever dreams Sunday night, and today, I may be inching closer and closer to, let's say as euphemism, normalcy. Chadig?

Secret, or until this moment, guilty pleasure: From G's to Gents. I can only watch about 15 minutes of it, and I couldn't figure out why the hell they were on a climbing wall today, but boy is it good in quick hits; the best kind of car-wreck.

A special message to Ash, and a little bit to Juri too...It's not your birthday anymore.

Daniel Castillo's stock has been on the rise ever since his showing on that one game of skate on that one website; now he's living out my step-hop fantasies on Crailtap. You already saw that? It was worth watching again though man.

Speaking of The Berrics, this was cool, damn...

Plat reader Scott commented that the Crack Stacks are an example of the architectural style of Brutalism. He also recently pointed out that Wayne Cummings is in yet more trouble. Good riddens.

Edit: Let's see the Cuban travel ban lifted. I'd go there in a second.

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Anonymous said...

SKREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck....oh,...shit!!! Fucking amazing.