July 21, 2008

Remembrance of Things Since Passed; Again

At one point in time, specifically, I think, the summer or early fall of 2001, Iota Skateboards and Consolidated teamed up for a couple of demos in Iowa; specifically, one in Des Moines at the roller rink, and one with Affiliate in Iowa City at a long defunct skatepark. Some of the footage showed up in the Shitheads park section.

Pretty much, it was awesome, a trip that I still recount to I'm sure the annoyance of some. But peep that photo, there were no seats in the van, and Neal was wearing the Dew Flag, and beyond that you got Heck and Chad and Chips X and Clint holding a woopie cushion. Finish it off with Steve, Todd, and Elijah lurking in the front of the van, and that was one hell of a trip. We ended up driving home from Iowa City with 2 cases of Budweiser, after TM Turkey made us choose between food and beer. Duh. And not the Es Virios I have on. Damn.

There'll be more remembrance of things since passed because I just found Benji's hard drive containing a bevvy of photos that he scanned from the 1072 days and elsewhere. Anyways, booya.

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