July 7, 2008

Tim Achille And Other Shit

So dude rips. Was talking to this dude from Philly last night and he was saying that all the handrails and whatnot in Love are still skateable, but really, it was always about the ledges. I miss seeing footage from there, since my only connection to the spot in the first place was the media. It's a top five what if spot for sure.

Waking up at 1 o'clock in the afternoon has hopefully come to an end, because I leave New York tomorrow. In fact, I get home four weeks to the day that I left. I'm excited.

Yesterday Neal and I did a 3 M's tutorial and posted it on his site. We also walked more than 100 blocks, because that's what you do certain days.


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Anonymous said...

'Lil tim. Jersey. Small Empire. Hackettstown. 14. Good times.