July 13, 2008

Turn And Face The Strange

Greetings. Duh, I've kind of been blowing it on updates due to a lot of travel in the past few days, celebrating dude's birthday (I knew I did one!), not having a computer charger, trying to find a place to crash, a random trip to the best place on earth, randomly driving back in the middle of the night, and so forth. Hopefully, as some form of normalcy returns to this bitch, I'll keep you loyal Platters fully whetted with all kinds of content, awesomeness, and so forth. Count that as a mini-mission statment. And that's what's up, thanks to the illustrious Pizzy and Bill for the skating and letting us drag you guys around like champs.

So what's happening in The Platinum Universe? I know one dude is having a baby but I haven't seen a press release yet; some dudes went to NYC and one of them had only $60 in his pocket; another dude might not be moving and will instead purchase his first automobile? Whoa. Everyone should head to The Lair and support this; and there's also a member of the Minne Diaspora headed up to AK sooner than later. So yeah.

Will The Spoon return before Boondoggle? Was Philmer Phil spotted riding a mountain bike in Uptown? Is The Extreme One being recognized on the street via blog fame alone? Has it gone from, "Who, me worry," to ,"Time to worry?"

And in the mean-time Ben has been blogging in the Arab World, and I'll be attending Highland Fest while staying at the La Hotel Meyer, and I'll trump all the biters and keep this best fucking summer ever (BFSE, BSE was so last year) alive. I've also got 600 photos to go through, so, you know man...As Tim, who had to work yesterday would say, later nerds, and go Wolves. We actually back!

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