July 13, 2008

No Tomorrow

Here I'm thinking "No Tomorrow" as in some Sarah Connor shit ala "The Terminator", in fact, I'm thinking the second installment, where maybe in the epilogue they're driving some highway at night and it's the yellow line down the center in the desert and Sarah is talking some wildness. Maybe it wasn't an epilogue and it's just in between the part where some fucked up shit goes down and where they finalize some shit. Maybe? This is all really tenuous.

I'm not saying like really "No Tomorrow". This BFSE type stuff isn't going to end, right now at least. I think I was just hyped on No Tomorrow five minutes ago because life is way fake and way real right now. I think I need Sam to be here to accompany me to the Highland pool or something. That's a good grounder.

But, but...there was a contest today at the park today, and some dude won. I couldn't tell if he was stoked or just faking stoked or just didn't care or was just? And then there's the whole rub about trying to win the contest or just enter the contest and the strategy involved in whether or not you enter the...basically, my thinking is, that if you got a sponsor, and your 14, then you enter the sponsored edition no matter what. Shop sponsored kids that enter anything but the sponsored division shouldn't have sponsors. Not just saying, I'm fucking saying it. And who cares?

The real Meat And Potatoes of the whole day revolved around a session at the newish New Hope Skatepark (or Sk8 Pad as they so lovingly called it) where there isn't an actual prohibition against smoking dirts, drinking beer, or using other drugs and so forth. Read the sign dude. Basically, there were almost 20 heads there, through some confluence of chance or fate or good planning. And here we go; Johnny Vang was there nosegrinding, Krause broke a board, Jamiel ripped, Nate also ripped whilst looking pissed off, Folley's haircut made him nearly inrecognisable, Kevin did a hurricane, Brad Marr was there, Terry rips (the last time I'd actually skated with him was in La Crosse years ago), A-Plus did the damned thing and thang, Judd's shirt matched his shoes to a T, and since I've listed ten dudes that were there, I'll just stop because I'm having a hard time remembering. If you were there you were, and so was Mike Ohman, so that makes 12 counting me. Booya.

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Anonymous said...

If you have a sponsor, you've got no business riding in anything but the pro-am heats.

who really cares how old you are. Its all about integrity.

The only time age actually matters is when intercourse is involved (ask for the girl's id or appear on tv)