July 14, 2008

Running On Empty

We skated the bank spot pictured above and then I remembered that it had been featured and shredded on Wiskate, and how I'd struggled to even scrape a shitty tailslide on it. But whatevs, our boy TJ Bohach done kilt it. And I remembered that I'd only linked to the newest mini-vids on my TSM blog, so here's the links:

I Can Feel It!

Wouldn't You?

Cheers to one of the funnest places out there to skate. Remember how I plugged some sketchy blog called Public Passion? Well, our boy Londamnation just updated quite properly. Booya.

Something hecka sketchy from Crailtap.

Favre roundup from LOA.

Pounds, or The Terrorist Fist Jab? I think I'm going with the TFJ, skateboarders' and militant Islamic extremists' common bond.

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Anonymous said...

soooo proper is bohach's 360 shove.