July 15, 2008

Hit Me With That Wizard Stick

Done. The next time I go a'drinkin', I'm bringing some packing tape. Need more logical reasoning? Here's your reasoning.

Benson was fully down with the contest rant in the "No Tomorrow" post, and would have liked me to call out names, and such. That Chad is an angry young man for sure. He wants to update this website, because, and I quote, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore." Seriously.

It's insanely true that Dennis Busenitz is one of the raddest skateboarders alive. Disagree in the comments.

Pat Cook Blog, based in NYC via Michigan then Chi then, um, NYC.

And finally, as recently noted in mention of the awesome TFJ, one has to wonder, under what circumstances is this New Yorker Barack Obama parody cover offensive? I mean, at first glance, it's obviously satire. And really, I think that the whole issue ends there. If a voter doesn't understand satire, then, it's not a terrible leap to say that they ain't voting Obama anyways. Furthermore, people that actually believe the secret Muslim allegations probably ain't reading the New Yorker anyways. But seriously, my stupid ideas are, well, uh, stupid, let's talk more about how terrorists really say wassup.


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