July 5, 2008

It takes a teenge riot to get me out of bed...right now.

So it's controversial, this whole blogger thing. I mean, we gotta get by, and all for all it's easier, chaknow? But, I did get an offer from Heartland Hessians to be a staffer and I have to graciously turn you down via a post. So yeah.

Wiskate, as for the links Mr. Meyer put those up, and while he's been killing it for sure, I apologize for the non-listing. For one, I'll get you on there, for two, I'm coming to Milwaukee. That's wassup.

As for the commenter that was lamenting the fact that I moved, or something, no I didn't. I"m just on a knowledge quest. And like I said about the comments, use a name or something, anonymous sucks.

Just went to the best bar in the Upper East Side, it's called Biddies. Damn right. Best bartender ever and I just met him four hours ago. Track it down, 91st and 2nd.

What else? Happy Fourth? A bit late? Did Dan have a bloody fourth? Is it Bloody Fourth? Do fireworks still suck? Does trying to see them still suck? Are fireworks even awesome unless they're blackcats or roman candles? Yes to all.

Viking has the hiccups and he turns 27 on Sunday. Teenage is no longer the teenage. And now I'm listening to Ziggy Stardust, and realized about 20 minutes ago how much I cared about someone or other, maybe a girl or something, and now it's probably time to battle the cuts and eventually get to bed. I heart New York but Minne has a certain something to it. Maybe familiarity, but I see pictures of everyone and I miss everyone. I'm coming home Tuesday and I wanted to leave last Tuesday but by today I don't want to leave. As my role-model and homie Kurt would say, "So it goes." Perfection is temporary, and temporal, naturally.


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-major tom

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When you coming to Milwaukee? What the shit for?