July 3, 2008

New York Fake Life, Welcome To The Vortex

And so when you guys open a sandwich shop in Minne where I can buy beers and sit on a patio and drink them, uh, call me. Or else I can just keep going to Union Square, every night. Maybe?

And so here we are with a functioning interweb website. Amazing. Thanks to Dom, I think, for getting this piece going again. And Benji of course, for the hard work and perseverance. Of course.

How about them Wolves? If you are somehow mad about the trade or didn't see it coming or are surprised, well, that's too bad. I think I like Mike Miller enough to be excited for a 30-35 win season.

But yeah, it's been a rough time for the Minne skate web community. The Spoon, what happened? Hessians, what's up, updates? I mean, we've been down for about two weeks, but, you know.

Just yeah. That's it. Let's do some pictures. Oh shit! It's as if we were on 25th Ave SE eight years ago except we never had a bmx bike or digital cameras! Chaboy Pat Cook shreds mid-town while Dudemanbrahblogs. Young lovers in Union Square. HJ confirmed.

Yeah, we got comments now too, so do it up, and try not to be lame, so use an alias or even your real name or whatevs, especially if you've got some hate to sow, because anonymous is just boring. Bonus update via Luke


Anonymous said...

Hopkins is the new NYC. Too bad you moved...

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