July 22, 2008

Historical Coherence

When was the last time all these dudes were together? How many Supernatural hoodies are actually in that photo? How many items of Gap clothing are in there? Do these dudes still skate? Yes, a surprisingly large number of them still do. Hmmmm.

While I was in Milwaukee Ellis was in San Diego. I'm with him regarding the CLs, when he states that they are, "The most refreshing liquid in the Universe and beyond." Not only that, but they are the most technologically advanced liquid in the Universe and beyond. Not bad at all.

Speaking of CLs, I'm headed to el norte for some of this typa shit. Wow, beer bong whilst wake boarding or some shit? Maybe. I can hope, you know, fingers and toes crossed. Is wake boarding legit if you're doing a beer bong? I'll say it, it's fun.

Cha boy Sam is returning to LA after a mind-bending week in Anchorage, Alaska. Evidently, it doesn't get dark up there this time of year, it just glows. He did manage to punch his balls off at the mall, so you know it was legit.

Does science in make belief in God obsolete? Hell if I know, but you should read the piece by Michael Shermer entitled "It Depends," because he says that we'd probably think that ultra-advanced aliens would be God. You dig? (Sorry, there's no direct link)

"How fucking stupid can the Denver management be? With that, and well, it was already so, Britt Robson has got to be one of my favorite sports writer and just writer around. That's some current hoops news analysis, by the way. Nerd out!

Ok, proper randomness, I'm off to the lake!

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