July 28, 2008


The cabin trip was a success; it snowed? The shirt, yes, actual printed shirt, is no longer a twinkle in Luke's eye. Find it at real shops and the handjob site yo. In total overlooked awesomeness, I just realized that both my name and the illustrious Cutty were featured in the 'Tap post previously...posted. So, that's wassup.

If you weren't at the Bargebq yesterday at Smokedale, well, you blew it (and frankly, that spot was packed so hard that I'd me surprised if many readers didn't make it.) In case you didn't make it, here's a bit of a rundown: The taco truck ruled, and the steak was off the chain, ask Meyer. Saw some serious shit put down by the likes of Jaimes, Davis, Sherman, Hesher Joe (welcome back!), both Narlochs, and even Kirian. Good job dudes. Then there were epic games of eight man OUT, or SKATE if we were sucking. Thanks dudes. By and by all we talked about on the longish ride home was how awesome it is skating here and how awesome the event was, and yes, how awesome the steak in those tacos was. Where's the next one going to be?

Having spoken of Meyer, it should be noted last night that he announced, unofficially of course, that he was going to start a video magazine. Interesting. In light of that fact, here's a poignant goodbye and explanation of why 411VM is no longer around. Was poignant the right word?

Finally, what, 13 days and counting?

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