October 13, 2011


I've said this before: Wes Kremer is really fucking cool at skateboarding. Contrast him with wunderkid Nyjah Huston (think of that ad for his 11/11/11 video part that is so inescapable it doesn't merit a link) and it's safe to say doing they're two dudes doing the same activity, doing it in very different ways.

There's a Devolve promo for a video, though voting on the site shows there is much skepticism as to whether it'll actually happen. I know how that goes.

Familia is having a sale this weekend.

A random link about Cam'ron and Jeopardy!? Sure.

Some serious Minneapolis bowling at The Hiawatha and Double Barrel. Hessian Joe!

Let's talk about real Minnesota, shall we?

So stoked I even blogged it!

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