October 12, 2011

The Second Best 411

411 #15 is the best issue of that late and very great video magazine right behind #30. I haven't had a VCR for more than a decade, so viewings of this section have been rare, so even now I don't remember it being so slow. Even so, it made me appreciate Al Green. Other things:

-What are the shoes that Kalis is wearing? Did The Viking somehow find them in 1999?

-What shoes are all those dudes wearing? This was right on the brink of solid shoe sponsorships.

-Maurice Key's powerslide switch heelflip landing. Vert wall unfinished.

-Koston. Balance and dorky.

-Dill renaissance.

-Was there a "Switchstance" in #30, the best ever?


Anonymous said...

Adidas, Etnies, Airwalk looks to be what most dudes were wearing.

platinumseagulls said...

Rhetorical question, but thanks.