September 20, 2013

Sports Column

One day, we shall embed.

Davis was hurt for a while and makes a triumphant return to board in this clip from The Berrics featuring him and Wayne, because that type of thing is pretty much the norm, nowadays.

It seems significant that Dana managed to get his latest video into Labor in NYC. If you catch Mr. Ross speaking in the third person (i.e. "Pizza's been trying to quit pizza," I know...) call him on it.

Vinnie's got you covered with a globetrotting nostalgic summer clip, featuring dudes you know, including Tom Rohrer, who continues to excel at skateboarding.

The Hesh posted up a video of BUBD really fast after it happened (that I'm just know linking to), and also dug up a clip from six years ago showing a pretty typical Lair night from back when.

In 39 days, the NBA season starts.

Video makers, make note:

On Twitter, there's an NPR hip hop account that that's been providing geekable material to me for about a week.

Back out in the rest of the world, this Brad Cromer pro clip is quite proper.

In case you missed it, the masters of the credit montage and the rest, Wiskate, posted Hurry Up and Try in its entirety.

Happy weekend; a pet peeve is online sports columns that are made completely out of single sentence paragraphs. So guilty.

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