August 12, 2013

"Been Trill and not tell me?"


Rumor has it, an equitable solution to the problem above has already been found.

If you missed the ATTN DFCT premiere, like I did, you can pick up a copy of that or North Coast, both by Mr. Chris Burt, right here at the Pizza Pimps Big Cartel site. Either video is $10, and that covers shipping within the U.S; excuses not to buy one are either bad or non-existent.

This anecdote as re-relayed by BTO is beautiful and too real.

Quartersnacks did a write-up on Tempelhof Skate Plaza in Berlin, a place which, in the simplest of ways, seems like a really interesting spot. Shining the light back on NYC, QS did a pretty good job of summing up a point I think I tried to touch on back here. QS wrote:

There are over ten skateparks in the city now, but the simple pleasure to be had in riding a skateboard without being stuffed in an overcrowded cage or repeating the skate-each-spot-for-two-minutes ritual has not gotten any more accessible.

Finally, Calsurf's 25th Anniversary party is Saturday, August 24 at Cause. Scroll down on that link for details.

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