October 24, 2013

Skateboarding's Jordan Crawford?

I'm not exactly sure what THE RIFT PROMO is, as far as it being a crew vid or an actual promo and all that, but I do know that makers Jake Durham and Josh Manoles did a good, concise job of making a flick that's well worth your 11 minutes. Digging the mix of Minneapolis and Duluth and the production value, which is legit.

The weekend looks promising with the event above, featuring new work from Anthony Hart as well as Todd Bratrud at Familia, and some shoes, too. Reality has set back in and it's probably safe to say that Nye's actually isn't the best bar in the country* but there are worst places to be for an after party, especially in costume.

Thanks to Quartersnacks for editing down that Forrest Edwards interview. I'm pretty sure I had a better NBA analogy than Forrest Edwards=Jordan Crawford, which falls apart at some levels, but I've since lost it**.

Ryan Gallant was interviewed over at Ripped Laces and ended up talking about some of the more mundane, but still interesting aspects of being a pro skater.

Instagram of things to come?, as seen in Igloolik, Canada, which is quite far away.

*That "ranking," or assertion, about Nye's is from 2006 and yet we just keep going back to it.

**https://twitter.com/quartersnacks/status/393515713761382401" target="_blank">Quartersnacks got it.

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Ripped Laces said...

Thanks for sharing the interview! Psyched that you dudes liked it.