October 27, 2009

The Chilling Fields...

Well guys, my week in Cambodia was fucking awesome.

The above picture is a shout-out to The Wiz and his blown out calf muscle, get well soon bud!

On that other get well soon tip, through all the bruises and busted asses that resulted from BYRJ this year, the dude that got it the worst was Bob Bogema, who, after the requisite collision to fall of the ramp, ended up with a broken clavicle and the cursory "Best Slam" award for the day. Otherwise, here's one of the three photos I shot that day; let's hope that Fink and co. come up on some video documentation of the day.

The name of this post is an inadvertent title idea for the next Roll video.

If you weren't there last Friday, catch a feel of Minnesota.

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In a random occurrence of events, I was supposed to meet Jonny Flynn yesterday because this dude was in town to photograph him; in the end, H1N1, that bastard of a virus, shutdown Flynn and shutdown my chances of mildly nerding out. All is not lost; the NBA season starts tonight, and I've got Kobe on my fantasy team. Dank Nuggzz fool!

FYI, Nesser has an interview in the new TWS magazine, and after ten-plus years in the game, I think the dude is starting to open up a little bit. On a related note, all Familia blogginz are happening on the actual Familia website, and not their blog. Trip on that.

Chris Hitchens right here sounding strangely diplomatic; I'm sure he'll be back to normal soon, when he's not schlepping the documentary he's in.

Even if I'm slacking on the interblogging tip, it looks like Bobby Worrest has "been in Cambodia" for like, three months. While its doubtful, maybe Thiebaud shut his blog down like Kahn killed K-Love's Twitter.

Check this out, even though I just remembered that the afore-linked blogger once referred to me as the "Paul Shier of Minnesota" (or Minneapolis or Midwest or whatever) while reviewing Weekend Warriors in Stuck. In no way do I dislike Shier, far from it in fact; I just hope that I manage to pop my shit.

See cha'all in two weeks, I've got a long weekend in Nova Scotia coming up.


Cody Girl said...

That Feelin' MN is pretty fookin good. Thanks for the link- makes my day better thats for sure

maaku aren said...

thanks brother!