October 16, 2009


First I saw it over at the Familia blog and then I saw it on the pages of the new issue of The Mag; whatevz, Nesser's new ad is swassup. Also in the new Mag, Matt Price bases an entire tour article around a character from Gossip Girl, and the dudes abide.

After a completely and utterly failed viewing attempt, Pinneapple Express is banned from Platinumseagulls. FUCK that movie.

The next time I need magical ganja humor, you know where I'm going.

You make it on the bus this year?

In light of this, while I'm not 100% sure how I feel, I just wonder, couldn't they have booked Jessica Rabbit?

Abandon all hope ye who enter the Salon.com comments section. As of late, I've become addicted to reading the back and forths between crazies of both the far left and far right persuasions. Be careful.

In light of the mindless switch of Hennepin Ave downtown from a one-way to a two-way street and the subsequent loss of the best bike-lane thoroughfare of downtown, and a recent feeling that police have been hawking over bikers more lately, Slate tries to figure out how to get bikers to follow the law. I miss my bike, I need this weather to break.

See ya'll at the premier, Happy Weekend!

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Benji. Its tomorrow.


Sam said...

big ups on the slate article, opposite on the ban. for real? that movie ruled!

Extreme Ash said...

thank you. that movie was fucking TITS.

Anonymous said...

such a rad seq. of nesser! thats the second grind trick to wall ride to go down on that spot.

Carl Durvan said...

The link to the benji google search led me to the old hardflip page which led me to chad bensons profile which led me to thinking 'man he should really bust out the nollie hardflip indy on banks more often! just saying. hate hate hate. well, i couldn't do it. which i guess kinda brings it to a point of an older post, just because you can does not mean you should

sprntrl said...

Munz. You obviously didn't "prepare" before viewing that flick. Holler when you want to make peace w the gatekeeper.

evilonelive said...

Red: Do you know what today is?
Saul: Tuesday.
Red: This is my cat's birthday today.
Dale Denton: I don't see a cat in here. I'm sorry. Did you let it out by accident?
Red: No, because he died three months ago, okay? So now who's the funny guy?
Dale Denton: I'm sorry?
Red: Today is his birthday and it is a tradition that on his birthday I get up extra early and make him his favorite kind of dessert.
Saul: Don't worry, bro. Your cat's going to heaven.
Red: Yeah, maybe. Maybe he went to heaven. He was a little fucker. He could've gone to hell.

evilonelive said...

Red: You just got killed by a Daewoo Lanos, motherfucker!

sprntrl said...

Damn, were all busy but an update is in order munz

jonathan richman said...

just watched pineapple express last night, mega mega funny dude. danny mcbrady fucking KILLS it. kinda shocked you are super hating.

Anonymous said...

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