October 29, 2009


While I lifted the formatting of using italics under a photo from BTO, I not only let the dude know who does that blog that he ain't seen nothing yet, but I also have linked to his site exactly twice. Inside jokes are fun for everyone involved, so don't get salty. Small .jpgs!

I bought the newest Tiltmode video, Bonus Round a couple of months ago, and I had no idea that it also held the prior two Tildmode videos within until, like, yesterday. Therefore, in a time killing fashion, I watched the original Tiltmode video, and the bullet points beyond here sum up my thoughts:

-Its now cool to "review" videos from the past.

-There's lots of questionable hip-hop(?) music(?) in there.

-Jesse Erickson was mad good; way to go on the Lance Mountain dummy.

-More questionable hip-hop.

-This is now live-blogging.

-The montages were always good. Holler at Mike Crabtree!

-Joe Red's gear was atrocious in the early aughts, good thing he found colored jeans in the latter part of this decade; dude rips.

-Fun interludes are still sort of fun.

-I skipped Cab's part. Some other dude skated.

-Ed Devera is better than the long-haired dude that is posing as Ed Devera.

-Interlude. Skip!

-Shitty hip-hop instrumental equals...skip! (That excludes hating on the dude that is pretty good but he's ripped) (not a good thing while skating small ledges)(who does some shit but nonetheless is way too in shape to look right while doing a scrawny man's activity)(notice how I didn't use sport; STREET CRED!). Put a shirt on.

-Heard about the Stabbin' Cabin. Who knows Captain Stabbin'?

-It's sick that MJ was on that roadtrip.

-Louie Bartletta almost blew it on this part because while he missed a lot of tricks that would have been awesome, he almost didn't fall that funny while falling. There was some random dude in there. Louie also failed to have a bad haircut. Either way, he's banging way hot chicks at the age of 40(?), so fuck you.

-Benji used the montage song for B-show.

-Jerry Hsu will rule forever.

-Cute puppies and doubles montage!!! Wait, there weren't no puppies? But the song...

-Ricky Espinoza skated to one of the raddest skate video songs ever, and I'd be a dick to hate on it. What the fuck happened to him?

-Marc Johnson is at his best when he's not trying too hard. He's also the most "modern" looking skateboarder in this video, and all in all, that means nothing. I say A-Team would have worked if Marc had just never shaved his head and donned the hair that god had gave him. Seriously.

-Enter Stevie Cab doing a Jets To Brazil cover and lots of slams and heartwarming shit and dummies, and we got this! (After-party foote non-withstanding.)

-(Louie's nose-ring) End on more cute shit.

-Cabs boardslide of destiny is amazing. Sometimes you don't have to make it to take it. You just take it.


Halfpipe of Odin said...

I love that 2 Assed Dog.
Even better, a 2 headed dog.
It runs around in circles all day, And Never Does Shit!

Anonymous said...

Louie is 40!? If so, that's AWESOME!