October 10, 2008

Ended Up Ballin'

Clint is Bangin'.

Making us proud; some local talk radio fools claiming that Magic Johnson faked having AIDs. Oops?

Mr. Face gives Todd a proper shout out in his Top Fives. Neckface that is. Saw that fool in NYC, and his face is in fact, not naturally blurry.

I think someone posted a Jimmy Kimmel clip about SP in the comments and I couldn't help but notice this flick of her in the video. In fact, I took a screen shot of it and the file ended up being called "hellablazable.tiff." Parsing this whole issue of sexism and elections and everything sucks. Happy Weekend.


Anonymous said...

thats a funny joke

Anonymous said...

magic faking AIDS that is.

Anonymous said...

that kimmel clip about palin is so fucking good!lets celebrate and go beat a seal