January 18, 2016

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Fried back Friday @4n_official 📽: @4n_lundbl33zy #mendotaskatepark #minnesota @sk8mafia

A video posted by Corey Millett (@4n_friedtillidie) on

I was unaware of this. This is important.

New moves from RIFT:


Benjamin Ragsdale said...

jeeze louise.

Wylie T. said...

That RIFT video is sick!
That being said, Benson and I could do without a certain amount of the no-complys, paper-thin shoes, and high-waters. But that's just us (I speak for both, when useful)!
If you want to know the finest trick, however, look no further than Trinity's wallie at 9:54. For all you know that could've been done in Edinburgh, Scotland, and yet it wasn't; Trinity just has what's called "intention."