December 20, 2009

'09 Platty's

And the living was heavy. And times was weird those days. And it was 2009, the end of the aughts, and the beginning of the 0-Tens, right? Onwards with the "awards," review the 2008 version here.

Video Of The Year: Feelin' Minnesota.

Video Part Of The Year: Ryan Hansen.

Came Back/YOTD 4: Tha Dolo.

2nd Place Comeback: John Muldoon.

The Young Americans: New Flavors.

Pager Check: George Akande.

Roomies: Sam McGuire and Davis Torgerson.

FIGHTS!: Beer Up, Bro Down.

MCTC's Resident Pro: Olu Pratt.

Let's Do EVERYTHING Right Now...: Tucker Gerrick.

...With A Little Help From: Familia.

Bumper Crop: Todd Bratrud.

Stopped Blessing Jah: Elijah Collard.

Added To The Family Tree: Elijah Collard.

Named His Son Bill: Dan Jackson.

Todd Brown Procreated: Todd Brown.

Best Actor: Todd Brown.

Who, Me Worry?: Chad Benson.

Median Age Of 33: The Glue Factory Team.

Greener Pastures, Better Balance: The Nowparvars.

Socialite Of The Year: Aaron Christensen.

Really, A Vert Ramp?: 3rd Lair.

Thinner: Vince Barbeau, Mark Muller.

Internet Mogul: Kyle Ross.

Still Erstwhile Blogger: Brian Perry.

Dating A Hot 26 Year-old: Benji Meyer.

Drunk In Public: Dom Randazzo.

Blaine Skatepark Loc: Rob Sissi.

Never Went Pro: Sam Cassidy.

B.E.E.R.S. MVP: Bill Welk.

The Private Option: The Hiawatha.

You're Still Living Here?: David Jaimes.

Rep In Training: Dennis Burdick.

Happy Trails: Dennis Burdick.

Greener Days; Secret's Out: Steve Nesser.

The Glasses Are Real: Ryan Damian.

Under-represented: Kirian Stone.

The People's Choice: Tabari Cook.

TF: Handjob Ramp.

Internet Behemoth, 11 On: Wiskate.


Unknown said...

greener days? Steve Nesser?

typoscura said...


sprntrl said...

I wonder what the 'blaine dirt' is up to these days? We need him in the new shitheads for sure.

Unknown said...

Its been a roller coaster of a ride since SHV8 for the Blaine Dirt. You see he never wanted the fame, the fame wanted him...and it got him. The name recognition went straight to his head. Maybe it was the luxurious crustache waxes which made his upper lip hair shine like the setting sun. Or could it have been the endless supply of Winner cigarettes and jean jackets his prestige afforded him? Either way it was too good to be true. He hit rock bottom like White Castles at 9am... but deep down the hunger endured. Let me be the first to proclaim 2010 as the YOBD, for I've seen him recently and he is back on track. Hes up to 3 packs a day and gunnin' for that #7,000,000,000th spot...and this time nothing will stand in his way.

Halfpipe of Odin said...