December 31, 2012

'12 Platty's

This thing again.

Just in the nick of time, we've got another round of arbitrary local skateboard shout-outs, awards, or whatever else you wish to call them. Time flew, once again, so let's look back, throwing shakas like we're on a jet-ski; here we go. 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Platty's are there, there, there and there.

Another Steve Nesser Power Move: Familia HQ.

Trick of the Year: Pat Gallaher, switch tailslide at Wells Fargo.

The Foundation: Married With Children.

"You Say Potato, I Say Potato:" Home Grown and Debris, or vice versa.

Prodigal Son: Tucker Gerrick.

Have You Seen Him?: Benji Meyer.

A Fine Wine: Chad Benson.

Most Reputable Reps: Andy Conrad and Matt Parker.

Soon To Be Radder Dad: Adam Bovee.

Best Hashtag/Dream: #ChilisInNE

Friends Section All Star: Eddie Kochendorfer.

Memories: The weird perfection of SLP.


Back in 2013?: Backyard Ramp Jam, "Beer Up, Bro Down," etc.

2 Punk 2 Blog: Devolve Project.

You See That?: Jesse Kruger and Corey Millett.

Shake-Up: 3rd Lair.

25 Years, Tomorrow!: Calsurf.

Under-used Thrasher Clothing Model: Davis Torgerson.

Skater's Skater: Aaron Christensen.

He Still Skates?: Me.

How High Can You Ollie?: David Nelson versus Kirian Stone versus TJ Moran.

How High Can You Switchflip?: Kirian Stone.

Didn't Fear The Beard: CJ Tambornino.

Best Reprise: Todd Brown as Ian Steig in Filler 2D.

Once More, With Earnest!: Dan Jackson.

Successful Infiltration: David Fink.

Onto 11 Years: This Website.

Glad To Have You Back: Jeremy Reeves.

Film School: Mike Ohman.

Have You Seen Him Too?: Elijah Collard.

Best Comeback: Ben Ragsdale.

Best Local Video Part: Jan Jacobson.

Cleanest One Financial Move Ever: Jan Jacobson.

Style Pick/Film A Whole Part, Man!: Vinnie Nanthavongsa.

Actually On Twitter?: Dana Ross.

You Should Know It's Local: Send Help.

Clip In Every Video: Rob Sissi.

Dive Bar To Call Home: Vegas Lounge.

MinneSOTY: Alec Majerus.


A.C. Slayer said...

I spotted Benji at Trader Joe's off Grand like two months ago?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ryan Damian killing it in that SLP edit. Dayummmmm!

Anonymous said...

Skater's Skater: Tabari Cook