December 20, 2010

'10 Platty's

It's that time of the year again; time to give out arbitrary awards in a Thrasher Teddy's kind of way. I look forward to doing this, and by the end of October I'm usually ready to buck whatever tradition I may have and just go for it. My restraint is reassuring to me--the past two times that I've done this, the post has posted on either December 19 or 20. Call me a model of consistency. 2008 Platty's here and 2009 Platty's here. Let's go:

Power Moves: Steve Nesser.

Local Video of the Year: Flow Trash.

Best Part: CJ Tambornino.

Missing In Action: Benji Meyer.

Gone: 1072.

Timely Face Lift: 3rd Lair.

10 Years Strong: Juri Loginov.

Stay Outta Juvee: Kevin Chartrand

Anticipated: Steep Bank of Doom documentary.

Last Man Standing: Kyle Henkler.

Prodigal Son: Dennis Burdick.

Who, Me Worry?: David Kahn, Tabari Cook.

Swag Buzzed: Eddie Kochendorfer.

Too Good To Be Flow Trash: Flow Trash line up.

Piss Drunx: Dom Randazzo.

Non-Prof: Seth McCallum.

Most Relevant: Todd Bratrud.

Jet-Lagged: Sam McGuire.

Eddie: Ian Sherman.

Soon To Be Radder Dad: Luke Hunt.

Whatever Happened To?: Back Yard Ramp Jam.

All Growed Up?: Tucker Gerrick.

Unfollow?: Kirian Stone.

Photo J: Ben Ragsdale.

Close Coexistence: Calsurf, Familia.

Building A Vortex: Mark Leski. Wizard.

Most Followers: Davis Torgerson.

Best Local Company By Default (Myriad of Reasons): Glue Factory.

Necessary?: Air Raid.

Missed Opportunity: Damn Am.

Sorely Missed: Cody Joan.

Shouts to one of my best friends that moved. Also pay attention to dudes doing tricks over...nevermind. Though the first thing I did a kickflip over was a Pepsi can. Anyways:

Filler 2D Promo from Glue Factory Skateboards on Vimeo.

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Everyone was 'butt hurt' over the last post.