December 18, 2010

Flow Trash Thoughts

There was a darn good chance that I would have posted this stuff last night, but Jake Phelps, I mean, Alex Oskie, asked me if I was going home to Live Journal about the video. Mildly embarrassed, instead I stuffed my face with taquitos and drank some whiskey. Anyways, I missed a gem or two in the video trying to make notes on my phone about the video. Here are my phone notes, verbatim:

Dom filler*

DAvis spot

Outta jail Nar


Casey whodi beater


Pat jack

He still skates?



Having done a fill in stint at the shop and watched the video, realistically, five to six times today, here are more fleshed out thoughts; no prose, just bullets, but honest as possible:

-The intro had a good concept, was straight to the point, and the use of steady-cam in any skateboard video is a good thing.

-If there is such a thing as an unknown "image skater," Dom Randazzo is it. Also, his skating is wonky. That's the word. As mentioned above, he has quite possibly the most ridiculous filler clip ever**. Has he done better before? Maybe; perfect switch inward heels down stacks are hard to one-up. Oh yeah, he has first part.

-This is Davis Torgerson's "throw-away part." How does the cliché go? Whatever. Dude rips and his Real part is something to look forward to. His riff on basketball and skateboarding go well together. I heard he's filming a part for Shitheads 2012.

-Dan Narloch didn't skate in any coveralls, and if I'd have put up a prediction on Twitter that he'd have three clips in them, nobody would have seen it anyways. Overheard on the old man bar level (paraphrased): "You see that clip at the government building downtown? I was getting out of jail when they were filming that." Better than BGPs. Narloch skates how he does, and we're all thankful for it. If Mike Ternasky were on his ass, amazing things could happen, but for now, thanks Dan.

-I"m not sure if I've ever spoken a word to David Nelson in my life. Just saying. Throughout his part, you watched the dude get older and better; there's no doubt that the guy has pop, control, and a bit of spasticity too. His video part is really good, his next video part is going to be really good.

-Casey Copenhaver skirts the theoretical zone of what is a trick, and what isn't. His no-comply-Ron-Whaley-reverts pop higher than what is normally allowed and he rocks the side-rock. Tim Huey comes through with a switch front shuv, and rides a board that must be really fucking huge, because it looks like it. As alluded above, Casey might have done the Whodi beater; watch All In and be the judge. Good part.

-I think the montage was around here. No notes to back it up though. Solid throughout, and it features the dudes that aren't filming with these dudes. Old dudes unite! Vinnie MVP points.

-It took me until today to realize that the "Haines" that my phone wanted to write added up to Jaimes. Aside from Mr. CJ Tambornino, Jaimes has been a fixture in the scene for ten years, and he just dropped his best video part yet. Realize the wonky switch and nollie the wrong way tricks over rails, the fast skating, and the fluid simplicity with which he kills it. His further serfdom in flow trash is a crime.

-Pat Gallaher is one of those eclectic folks who flies Cessnas and is really good at skateboarding. When not above the snow filled fields of our fair state, he continues his "doer-of-everything" mentality of skateboarding well. He shares a part with Jack Olson. Rumor has it that Jack focused Chad Benson's board without getting his ass kicked. It's good to see that some old ass dudes are inspiring some 1993 ethics into him. Regardless, or regarding that fact, with his throat under the boot of some still relevant dudes, Jack has a really solid section. File him with David Nelson; he and him will be crushing it really hard, at a dealership near you. SOON.

-Tabari Cook sort of looks like a Martian on video. Be it the death lens, or some conspiracy of weirdness, he doesn't look on tape or card what he looks like in person. Tabari does everything right, or correctly, and aside from some overly lasery stuff, holds true to what I wrote in this same sentence. B-Show guests, and as said by the always immutable Terry, "He still skates?" (Actually said)(Joke gotten).

-Oh CJ. Ridonkulous (sic) comes to mind. Limits pushed, pushes taken to make the dude skate faster, and a great song that served as more than background music. On the same terms that Narloch understands the stupid little nuances of making a line a really great line, CJ does such a thing at the Undercover Five. He shows more than the typical tech with a little pop!, and all is good in Whoville.

-Ian Sherman still hasn't skated to Maiden and something about that seems wrong; however, "Hell Is For Children" semi-makes-up-for-that. Last part vouchers to boot. Ian is a work horse and it comes through in the longest part of the video. Knowing what you've seen the dude do in person almost takes away from what he does in DVD form, because he has that rare hammer form nonchalance killing that doesn't go well with second hand observation.

-Sherman's ender-ender should make all kinksters drool; however.

-One wonders if the Neil Heddings attired CJ should have had enders with his 99.99 percenter's duel. He was against: What can be done/what should be done/what can be done well/banger of bangers. A dance to slide to dance perfectionary. I made that last word up, but all is well. Where again? In Whosville.

Buy the video. Don't blow it like some jerk, who, well, Fink called him out right. Go to your local skateshop. It's an amazing video and testament to how good we have it here in Minnesota. Our scene is strong; keep it that way.

*Not calling the part filler, was making note of his filler clip where he takes a shit against a wall.
**Again, just talking about him taking a dump.


maaku aren said...

thats not a ron whaley. try matt hensley.

Geaners Gauges said...

Then again, putting CJ's part up on YouTube is probably the best marketing plan they could have chosen.

Anonymous said...

your a pussy about doms part, toy. fuck off grow some nuts

Tim Fulton said...

watching a 30 something year old judge a 20 year olds skateboard board video is pretty lame. This really bothered me reading you judge skateboarders. The fact you called the original persons part filler was mentally painful.

platinumseagulls said...

When I said "filler" and "filler clip" I was talking about him leaning on a wall taking a shit. That is absolutely ridiculous. It wasn't written clearly; I'll edit to make that known.

Coas said...

Cleared this up with munz already, but for the record the tim Fulton comment posted definitely was not posted by me(therealtimfultonsgothaters)

the real real tim fulton said...

who ever that dude who is saying is the real tim fulton can go die. Im the real real tim fulton and even though you cleared up the poop clip doesnt matter. Yor review was really narrow minded duggie.