December 31, 2013

'13 Platty's

Again and again and again. They're in the mail, dudes.

That robot bird up there means the sixth (known) installment of everybody's favorite arbitrary local(ish) skateboard shout-out awards are BACK, thunk up while I swill some beer and sit at my kitchen table listening to Belle & Sebastian and Russian techno. These are very important. PAST YEARS: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

All's Quiet On The Western Front: West metro videos?

Eastside Story: Vids out of STP; south of the river.

West(coast)side Story: Tim Fulton.

Local Boy Done Good: Tabari Cook.

Corporate Buyout: Summit Boardshop.

Best Instagram Feed: Dane Vaughn.

HQ Feat/To Flat: Ricky Nunn.

Don The Brown: Eddie Kochendorfer.

Future Rad Dad: Nate Compher!!!

Rad Dad: Todd Brown.

$70 Set Of Trucks: Judd Prozinski.

Man Of All Seasons: Dan Narloch.

Lil' Brudder, Ripper: Ben Narloch.

Nickname In Moderation: Dana Ross.


Will He or Won't He? Davis Torgerson.

Wedding Vids: Benji Meyer.

Dexterity: Grady Moquin.

Film Another One, Please: Corey Millett.


MSIM Shooter: Chad Benson.

Twitter Convo Topic: Dakota White.

Duck Dynasty: Gabe Alsaker.

Back Again, Gone Again: Mike Ohman.

Company Man: Kyle Henkler.

Favorite Tweeter: @PhilmrPhil.

Please, Flow No More: CJ Tambornino.

Why Nobody Gets To Claim "Old": Dan Jackson.

Flared: Steve Nesser.

Get Better: Aaron Christensen.

Only Liked The Old Ledges/Good Riddance: Metrodome.

Ernest At College: Dan Rusin.

Maybe Playing Bingo? Kyle JC.

It Happened: "Trueridden, All Over Again".

Principaled: TJ Moran.

Top Commenter/Dude Rips: Wylie Tueting.

Photos By: Alex Uncapher.

Growed Up? Dennis Burdick.

Bakken: Brian Heck.

MinneSOTY: Jack Olson.


coas said...

love the plattys

Wylie Tueting said...

Love the recognition after so much thought and so many typed-keys, and yet so much "but-why-I-am-actually-typing-this-right-now-when-not-many-people-care-nor-even-recognize-me? . . . !"
It was all so worth it.