December 28, 2016

'16 Platty's

By Pat Smith, right?

A great blogger once said, all the random, few and far-between updates from throughout the year are all for naught if you don't handle your annual, end of the year post. And here we are. This blog is paid for through 2017 -- maybe even 2018.

Arbitrary local skateboard awards done in the style of the T-Eddy's. PAST YEARS: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

Shows No Rust: Hiatus

Balancing Act: TJ Moran

Came In After Deadline: insano

Big Things: Alec Majerus

Hair Hero: Cody Davis

Heckuva Year: Lorenzo Obnamia

Jim, Turn Him Pro: Jack Olson

Banned/Reinstated: Henry Gartland

Best Night Of His Life: Dana Ross

Solo Project?: Phil Schwartz

SP: Tabari Cook

Probably a Terminator: Chad Benson

Downunda' (still): Andrew Leibman

Stay Thirsty, My Friends: Dan Jackson

Could Have Ended It There: RIP Switch Crooks Kitty

Jumping Rope: Dennis Burdick

Where's Your Blog?: Wylie Tueting

Ramp Jesus: Jay Jenson

Resurrected: Back Yard Ramp Jam, Aqua Jam

Lazarus Man: Dom Randazzo

Still Waiting: Minneapolis public skateparks

Rad Dads: Tucker Gerrick, Augie Van Art, myself

What Happened?: Local skate Twitter

Get 3 Parts in 3 Years!: Jan Jacobson

Engagement Party: Davis Torgerson

Haven't Been There Yet: Burnsville plaza

Up All Night: Dan Rusin

Mustache Rides: Corey Millett

Still Shouting: The Hesh Dot Com

South Of The River: Adam Bovee

Still Deadly: Ricky Nunn

Extended Vacay: Pat Gallaher

On Background, In The Streets: Rob Sissi

What's Next?: Local shop videos

Still Here: CJ Tambornino

The New Oak Street Cinema: Capri Theater

Endurance: The garage

Best Event: Air Bump Challenge

Can't Hardly Wait: 30+ session

Weird, Right?: Minneapolis X Games

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Anonymous said...

Not the best platty's but still a fan of the annual awards. Maybe it was 2016's fault.