October 31, 2008

Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads...Or...We Are The Knuckleheads.

I barely ever check out the actual Epicly Later'd site, but I did today and peeped the photo above of a proper Scotsman, John Rattray, wearing a shirt regarding the most properest of Scottish band's shirts, Belle & Sebastian, made by the most properest of all around proper dudes, Mr. Todd Bratrud. That was a long, circuitous sentence, right? I've got one of those shirts, and evidently O'Dell does too...; it's pretty much my favorite tee. Moving on...

Speaking of Todd, please update your blog. The same goes for McGuire, and The Extreme One herself. Please people, I really care about your lives, and stuff.

Randomly using my brain, I remembered just how buck people got at last year's Top Shop best trick contest. Take that trip down memory lane.

Speaking of making memories, are we really ready for All Hallow's Eve, or what? It's pretty much Halloween weekend and whatnot; add it to the list of meganess, check it off, and keep moving.

The Wolves won last night, they are unfuckingdefeated, and I was there. Fun stuff for sure, Kevin Love looked pretty good against the hated Kings, who, I think as a team, were banned from this very website, but the strike-through doesn't work on blogger, so who knows? Either way, Brad Miller's worstevertattooasshav'nscrappydooonmyarm self wasn't playing, and there was no love lost. Again, right?

Back on that Halloween tip, we've got a massive crew of Eighties inspired costumes going out tomorrow, and it was all independent. No planning, it just gelled. You gel'n?

If you didn't make it to the Red Stag last night, you missed out on one hell of a fruckin' rendition of Night Moves by the focus of all this recent samophilia. Yeah we know. Either way, the lovely Louisa provided us with the lyrics of the song to compare to Sam's summer life, and it's stunning. Consider that my comment on the post.

Speaking of the Stag, I want some of that breakfast, so hella good. I'd say that's it!

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Unknown said...

not to nerd out too tough, but scotland has provided us with a plethora of pretty much some of the best bands ever including the jesus and mary chain, primal scream, teenage fanclub, etc, etc plus postcard records with the likes of josef k, orange juice. my point being, if you like the 'ol b&s, give some of those other ones a go.