October 1, 2008


Well, there it is, the Brotage from Weekend Warriors, meaning the entire video is up on tha Tube. I ran into A-Hart at Surdyk's this past summer, he said he was going to skate some again. It's a shame a dude like that ain't in the game full time. Ran into Lanner's last year at school. He bought a house. Was he at the OUT Tournament this year?

Didn't see much on the internet today really. I do know that our boy S-Dot at LOA has been killing it on the Palin front, I'll let the video do the talking: Boo-ya. That's the realest of talk. Are we a part of the Liberal Mainstream Media now? Should that be liberal mainstream media? Have we always been a part?

Just to make things clear, I'm pretty hyped on Sanji's Top 3's with Rob Owens.

I noted this in the comments section, but be sure to check out this write up on Jereme Roger's burgeoning rap career. Seriously.

Git buck!

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NYC Scottish Dancers said...

Whoa Bro, That's way mainstream liberal! No McCain flips for the Plat