October 24, 2008

The Asian Equation Plus One

Congrats to Johnny Vang, dude is getting married to the lovely lady with me above, the venerable Terry. I'm pretty hyped to go, uh, fasho. I dipped into the plat archive for that one, and as I scrolled through the photos this super wistful song come on the computer. Shit was tight. I don't look as silly and young as I thought I would/did in that photo. That's from Squire's wedding many moons ago; I'll be wearing those same wallabees tonight.

I was thinking about how rad it would be to show up at the ceremony tonight with the top of a pizza box ripped off and turned into a sign, with "The Asian Equation" sharpeed on it. Now I'm talking about shit that happened more than ten years ago. Shit was tight.

PS: Spettel is the best man, and I'm looking forward to the raddest/most animated/funniest/did I say raddest?/bestest speech ever tonight. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Dude,That photo confirms it!You are the Token Gay Guy of all your friends!Vang probably said,"Go dance with Mike,I feel bad there are no other gay guy's here."Admit it,the closet door is starting to open.

Anonymous said...

you do look a little queer in that pic.also saying fasho,and talking about the wallabees you'll be wearing?platinum gay guy for the straight guy?come on!

Anonymous said...

haaaay,get buck!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc5cOohfHhA&feature=related

Anonymous said...

shit,my bad.i meant platinum gay eye for the straight guy!help some of the local scene out?you might even find a little romance of your own.